The residents call it (Budapest Metro 1 or yellow line) just “Little Underground”, was built in 1896 as the second underground in Europe after London, it was thus the first on the continent. The opening ceremony was in connection with the 1000 years anniversary of the Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary. Naturally, the King Franz Josef and Queen Elisabeth made a test run, after that the underground got the name of the king.
The “Little Underground” is not a really metro, because it was not built by boring, but it was made a trench under the road. It is about 4 km long, and the longest part of the line run under the Andrássy avenue between the city center and the city park. The metro connect the most important sights on the Pest side: you can visit by traveled the Metro Line 1 the Vörösmarty Square, the Opera, Oktogon, the Kodály Körönd, the Hereos Square and the Széchenyi Thermal Spa. But not just the sight overground are worthwhile to admire, the beautiful, nostalgic stations of the undeground as well.
If you have time, visit the Millennium Undeground Railway Museum – of course underground too – at the Deák Ferenc tér metro station, where you can find the original and first cars of the oldest underground of the continent. The price of the entrance is like the price of a single ticket for public transport.