There are many bridges connecting Buda and Pest above the Danube. Some of them became symbols of the Hungarian capital due to their beauty. However, there are others that are notable for their practical features. Whether they are old or modern, exploring them is a great adventure.

( Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Margit Bridge, Liberty, Petőfi and Elizabeth Bridge )
Árpád Bridge got its name after Hungary’s Grand Prince who was the leader of the Hungarian tribes’ confederation in the 9th and 10th century.

Rákóczi Bridge

This bridge lies in the most southern part of Budapest and it exists since 1895. It was Lágymányos Bridge originally but was named after the famous Rákóczi familyt. The MÜPA (Palace of Arts) and the Hungarian National Theater are near to its end in Pest.

Megyeri Bridge

This is the youngest and longest bridge in the area of Budapest.